What Regional Migration means for Christmas 2021 Retail Sales

Posted on 20th September, 20211 min read

What Christmas 2021 Retail Sales will look like and how to capitalise on it.

Christmas might be four months away — but consumer patterns are fast-changing.

The realisation that the proximity of the workplace to where we live no longer holds the same importance has spawned a seismic shift in the fabric of Australian society with families seeking the relative sanctuary of regional Australia and moving away from our major population centres.

Christmas 2021 presents a solid opportunity to test the financial impact of intra and interstate migration from capital cities on regional retail sales. 

Download our Insights-focused study on Regional Migration for more on:

  • How to prepare and exploit this shift in retail demand
  • Retail experiences expected in regional Australia
  • What Christmas 2021 retail sales for regional Australia will look like

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What Christmas 2021 Retail Sales will look like