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Embracing innovation and experience in the pharmacy channel

Posted on 5th October, 20234 min read

In today’s ever-evolving world, the retail pharmacy landscape is undergoing its own remarkable transformation.

The march towards innovation and enhanced customer experience is gathering pace. And the possibilities for suppliers and retailers in the channel are huge.

The evolution of the retail pharmacy channel

Recent reports have shed light on a significant shift in the perception of retail pharmacies. No longer limited to their traditional role as dispensers of medications, today, they’re increasingly recognized as key players in preventative care.

With this extended scope, comes a wider role as pivotal hubs for health and well-being.

And as it has in many other sectors, technology has emerged as a powerful enabler for the channel.

Innovations like telemedicine and virtual consultations show the art of the possible.

For patients, it’s about empowerment. Empowerment to access healthcare on their terms.

For the industry, it’s a wonderful opportunity to deliver a more integrated and holistic health experience.

Personalizing the customer journey

We live in a data-driven age and expect personalization at every juncture of our lives. For many consumers, that’s become the signal of exceptional customer experience.

Forward-thinking businesses know this all too well. Customer data abounds and leveraging it is key.

In the pharmacy channel, true customisation can deeply enhance the connection between patients and their chosen pharmacy. But it must be done well.

Loyalty programs and mobile apps are fine, so long as they add value. Rewards and incentives must be relevant, or they can quickly turn into white noise.

But if the channel can turn one-time visitors into loyal patrons, it’s on the right track. That takes some deep thought around seamless communication, and what personalized guidance and support really look like to consumers.

The growing impact of E-commerce

One thing that’s key to this story is convenience.

Globally, e-commerce has ushered in a new era of convenience and accessibility, and retail pharmacy is no exception.

A recent study by Statista projects a massive 65% growth in online pharmaceutical sales over the next three years, underscoring just how vital an online presence is becoming.

And to meet the demands of a digital-savvy clientele, pharmacies must adapt fast. The convenience consumers enjoy in other channels will rapidly become the expectation in all areas of life.

Integrating click-and-collect and home delivery options is fast becoming table stakes for pharmacy operators.

But following the herd online isn’t enough. The convenience patients seek extends through to easy access of a broader suite of health and wellness products and services.

Collaboration across the channel for holistic care

What underpins the success of this journey?


Retailers, suppliers, and healthcare providers must be in no doubt about this.

A holistic, seamless patient journey needs a seamless supply chain.

There are many examples globally of successful partnerships driving great outcomes for patients.

Diabetes management, smoking cessation and mental health support are among them.

Such collaborations will become more and more essential. Demand for effective ecosystems that address diverse patient needs will only grow as time goes by.

Navigating regulatory challenges and compliance

And yet, the complexities of the regulatory landscape are never far away!

No matter the extent of the innovation or speed of transformation, the pharmacy channel must always navigate that landscape carefully.

Government guidelines already play a key role in upholding patient safety. Layer data security and privacy laws on top of traditional scheduling requirements and you have a lot to contend with.

Staying well-informed about regulatory changes and diligently implementing data protection best practice are crucial steps toward maintaining the integrity and reputation of any pharmacy.

That the retail pharmacy landscape is undergoing a remarkable evolution is beyond doubt.

Innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to enhancing customer experience lie at its root and together, retailers and suppliers are embarking on an exciting journey.

At its end lies not only business growth, but a profound impact on the communities these businesses serve.


Retail sales play a crucial role for pharmacy stores, serving as a vital revenue stream and contributing to overall healthcare access. They generate substantial income, enabling pharmacies to maintain their operations, provide essential services, and employ knowledgeable staff.

Retail sales foster convenience by offering immediate access to non-prescription remedies, promoting self-care, and reducing the burden on healthcare systems. Retail sales also create a symbiotic relationship, as they drive foot traffic into pharmacies, potentially leading to increased prescription sales and comprehensive healthcare services utilisation. Thus, the significance of retail sales in pharmacy stores extends beyond profit margins, positively impacting public health and healthcare efficiency.

Strikeforce plays a key role in Pharmacy retail ensuring that products are on shelf, in the right quantities at the right time. This is true for the core range of products a shopper would expect to find in a Pharmacy, often complimentary to over-the-counter prescriptions such as health products or personal care items.

Seasonality is particularly important in attracting and retaining loyal customers. For example, we are in the midst of the Hay fever season so products with antihistamines should be highly visible and available on the shopper journey through the store to encourage purchase.

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