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Find the right coffee machine for that perfect cup: Strikeforce Category Insights

Posted on 4th March, 20212 min read

Need a coffee? These category insights will help you find the right machine for that perfect cup!

If you’re a manufacturer, this report might be the insight you need to grow your market share.

For manufacturers/suppliers & retailers alike, matching or beating financial year sales growth for the new financial year is going to prove challenging. Big questions being posed are:

  • How can we stimulate growth with less stock?
  • How do we retain market share with strong competition?
  • How do we predict production range vs category growth?

The Strikeforce Insights Team has put together a category report to help answer some of these queries, linked below.

It’s expected by 2027 that global coffee machine sales will hit $5billion pa, up from the reported $3.8billion in 2019 (Source – This was the prediction pre-COVID & we all know what the pandemic has done for home coffee experiences & machine sales since!

Production, supply & demand continue to be somewhat of an issue with no clear word from manufacturers on when this will change, but retailers here in Australia are excited at the outlook for coffee machine sales. As CHOICE buyers have said, “It’s not that you can’t buy the item at all, it’s that you often can’t buy the exact model you want”. (Credit Grace Smith, ex CHOICE content producer).

Download the Coffee Machines Category Insights Report PDF here.


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