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Optimising Field Performance

Posted on 20th October, 20212 min read

With the retail environment changing so quickly, now might be the right time to assess whether your current field model is meeting not only your needs but also the needs of your retail customers. This review should also be conducted with the same rigour that you would apply to any investment decision – is the ROI on the field investment providing you with optimal return and at the same time giving you the required level of flexibility and agility that you need in the marketplace?

Other factors influencing the field model evaluation may include the level of coverage you require, the execution standards being achieved and how fit for purpose is your CRM system. With retailer share of the profit pie in Australia growing over the last 4 years, supplier margins sitting below international benchmarks and increased legislative and regulatory pressure on field resource management, perhaps the fixed overhead model can be re-assessed in light of the need for agility and flexibility delivered through an outsourced model. The impact of COVID has shown for many the flaws in fixed field models, being unable to adapt with the required speed.

Strikeforce has a proven 3 step consultative process to assist in the evaluation of field models. Looking at the “As Is” the “Model Options” and then a recommended “To Be” model including the key elements of channel/retailer requirements, model structure and an assessment of costs, KPIs and return on investment.

Fundamental to the process is the involvement of our Category and Insights team to agree on the Standard Operating Procedure which then drives the optimal Model decision.

Our focus on continuous improvement aligns with the Procurement KPIs to enhance ongoing performance for our client’s benefit.

Once the Model assessment and recommendations have been made, we work with you to optimise the current model, assist with the writing of an RFP that would go to market or encourage store and office visits with us to progress field model implementation.

Our proven track record in model optimisation includes several of Australia’s blue-chip fast-moving consumer goods companies and has resulted in an increased ROI for field spend, higher levels of client and channel partner satisfaction, greater flexibility and no loss of control with equally passionate and knowledgeable brand representatives. The diversity of industries that we have successfully optimised includes dairy products, greeting cards, office equipment, hardware and beverages

In some recent examples, we have reduced headcount and limited the exposure to redundancy payouts whilst at the same delivering increased coverage and a deeper understanding of field insights through our bespoke field management platform

Our experience is that this can be accomplished with little or no transition risk and cost with Strikeforce clients growing faster in sales than both insourced and other outsourced companies.

For a free consultation please feel free to call David Street (0417 719 140) or Rowan Blyth (0418 372 735) to discuss further.