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Recipe for Sucess

Posted on 15th April, 20242 min read

Published in Inside FMCG Magazine, April 2024

Strikeforce services are integral ingredients to optimising retail marketing spend.  When combined it’s a recipe for success in selling more brands.

Our services provide a menu of value adding outsourced expertise.  When knitted together, harmoniously and through adjacent complementation, they work together to amplify return on investment for our client partners. Our core service is outsourced selling and merchandising in store execution, but we have added more activation and consultative services to make our clients spend count.

Our end-to-end Space Planning and Category Management expertise is in much demand – from purchasing the right solutions, software implementation and integration, through to support and creation of data led, insight enabled planograms. We support retailers and suppliers of all sizes to maximise the return on space no matter the channel or the category.

The Demand Planning team analyses historical sales data, market trends and the impact of marketing campaigns and promotions, as well as other external factors that may influence customer demand of your products.  We offer a more accurate visibility of stock requirements, which in turn lowers inventory costs for your business and reduces stock at risk.  Giving you more stability and confidence meeting your customers Demand.

Integrated Supply Planners/VRP’s role is to help your business achieve the most efficient supply chain possible. Our experienced team work within the retailer’s offices, they are the conduit between all the stakeholders, ensuring speed to market of new line launches, aligning forecasting, working with stock availability from your business, and managing all challenges such as, train derailments, floods, and late loaded promotions to name a few.  Our team is the largest and most experienced, they know what best practice looks like throughout the whole supply chain. Getting the right stock in the right place at the right time to support on shelf availability, this assists their partners in becoming more profitable and preferred suppliers to the retailers.

Extravert creates insight led strategies and immersive brand experiences that deliver results.  Whether it’s in the retail, experiential or digital space, we’ve got you taken care of.  Extravert specialise in everything from concept creation to production and build, live activation, product sampling and social strategy.

As Australia’s premier outsourced merchandising and sales service provider, we deliver unparalleled cost-effective field solutions customised to our clients’ requirements, boasting the widest market coverage in the industry. Our expertise lies in ensuring promotional compliance, accelerating speed to market, and implementing successful sales tactics with precision. Delivering a proactive approach, data-driven insights, and seamless execution ensuring maximum ROI and customer satisfaction.

Finally, we have developed and own our own field CRM tool. Merx is leading the way in efficient work allocation, data capture and real time reporting/insights. The system was developed from client feedback as well as to meet the needs of running a large-scale operation as efficiently as possible.