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Supply and Demand Planning

Smooth end-to-end inventory management.

We work with you and the retailer to plan for success. We coordinate and align forecasts, place orders & manage stock from your network into the retailer’s network. This helps ensure greater on shelf availability and maximised sales.

Supply and Demand Planning

Supply and Demand Planning for successful sales outcomes

Our aim is to ensure that the retailer’s distribution centres, and individual retail outlets receive the right stock at the right time, whilst focusing on ordering efficiency and reducing missed sales.

Streamline Processes – Demand planning and forecasting in supply chain management

As an extension of your business we work to align and improve forecast accuracies; plan ahead and collaborate with planning and replenishment teams. We streamline communication channels and look for opportunities to reduce the cost of doing business for our clients.

Supply chain planning and Stock Management for optimal On-shelf Availability

With Strikeforce as your VRP/VMI/ ISP we will help you to deliver effective replenishment to the Retailers Distribution Centres and assist with smooth end to end supply. We have staff based in the retailer’s office allowing us to to add insights and build relationships with key stakeholders. We turn this insight into action with our supply and demand planning team working alongside  our scale field teams, to ensure the stock is in the right place at the right time, and our field teams also feedback upwards on stock problems.


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