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Supply and Demand Planning – ISP/VRP

Smooth end-to-end inventory management.

We work with you and the retailer to plan for success. We coordinate and align forecasts, place orders & manage stock from your network into the retailer’s network. This helps ensure greater on shelf availability and maximised sales.

Supply and Demand Planning – ISP/VRP

ISP/VRP Services

Our objective is to streamline end to end supply between you and the Retailer
• As an extension of your business, we work with the retailer to align on forecasts and improve accuracy;
we collaborate on long term plans and work closely with the retailers planning & replenishment teams.
• We streamline the communication channels and search for opportunities to reduce operating costs for
our clients.
• We help you to deliver optimised replenishment to the Retailers Distribution Centres.
• Our staff are embedded within the retailers team, in their office, allowing us to provide valuable insights
& build solid relationships with key stakeholders.
• We turn insights into action while working alongside our scale field teams to ensure stock availability, as
they feed back any on shelf availability issues.

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