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Field Management Software (Merx)

Proprietary tools to better your team.

Originally with global expertise from IBM and then with our in-house team of developers, we have developed merx, a bespoke field management software solution. Merx is a one stop shop in remote controlling any field team.

In one unified platform is:

  • Quoting
  • Activation project planning/set up
  • Attributed store/outlet database
  • Attributed staff database
  • Work allocation/efficient route scheduling
  • Data capture and GPS tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Client billing
  • Insightful, real time reporting.
Field Management Software (Merx)

Merx Field Management Software – Everything you need for field management in one place

Merx is a cloud-based app that works on any device type, providing online access to the field outcomes as they happen. Creating journey plans to minimise travel, capturing photographs, staff availability and managing all wages and expenses. A centralised solution for all your management needs. All accessible in real-time and modifiable to fit your needs.


The ultimate Field Management Software for busy teams.

Field management has never been so easy. If you like, it enables us to “uberise” our field team to optimise efficiency and effectiveness, pivoting the resource to go where the issues are or simply be directed efficiently to where we can optimise ROI for our clients. Where to visit and why, with what resource and tools, to carry out what activity and when, with what tools to deploy –this is all covered off in merx.


Manage field force merchandising teams better

If you’re a field force merchandiser, merx is the only software app you’ll ever need. Merx is a fully integrated cloud-based solution that keeps track of your jobs, tasks, and time. Merx enables you to optimise your teams’ activities and monitor for improvements.

A unified system that seamlessly quotes, books, deploys and bills any activity. A clean, integrated system supporting your team and your brand.  Even if you’re not about field sales and merchandising, merx is built on a platform that is agnostic of channel and industry, so merx is ideal for any field team that needs remote management.


Leading technology in field service management software

Merx is a next generation cloud-native information management system. Built using today’s most innovative technologies and being 100% API driven and microservice capable also allows merx to run on all of the major cloud platforms with little to no change. The architecture of the system promotes a unified development process across web and mobile. If you want to be on the forefront of merchandising technology, you need merx.

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