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Category & Retail Insights

Making sense of it all.

We join the dots linking disparate datasets to provide retailers and suppliers actionable insight to drive their category and activation objectives. Uniquely positioned to shine a light on in-store activity and how this influences your brands sales velocity, Strikeforce delivers powerful solutions to drive positive outcomes for your business.

Category & Retail Insights

Our retail solutions are driven and measured by customer data, analytics and insight

Data is a key ingredient of informed decision making. We interrogate market, shopper and in-store activation data points to build a solid foundation for making strategic recommendations aligned with your business objectives. Empowered by our wealth of knowledge drawn from long standing relationships with industry bodies, retailers and suppliers we deliver truly actionable recommendations.

Informed decision making and solutions with Retail Analytics

Where and when to visit, what to do, who to send, what tools to use, what difference will it make – -these are all the recommendations we factor in, driven by data, on how to build an execution plan in the field. We join up the brain to the arms and legs in order to optimise your return on your investment. We are more interested in informed, targeted precision when recommending how you spend your money.


Agile and adaptive retail consumer insights and solutions

Our end to end category solution has developed over the Strikeforce journey of the 48+ years.


We turn Category and Retail data into solutions

 Our category and retail insights are integrated with our sales, merchandising and experiential teams, to optimise their efficiency and effectiveness and your return, with informed, targeted and precise activations.


We integrate our expert marketing services and in-store brand activators to ensure your investment converts to meaningful and demonstrable ROI. Learn more about our other services: