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An extension of your sales team.

Increasing your sales is our core service, our reason for being. We have the highest store frequency in the industry with unprecedented store relationships.  But we don’t just help you sell by activating marketing activity flawlessly,  we sell too.


Backed by insight, our selling methods are precisely targeted

4 levels of sales

Our sales team is broken down into three main categories. Each has its own capabilities that are fit for each sales growing purpose:

  1. In free-to buy outlets such as Independent Grocers, Pharmacies, route/foodservice hardware channels, our brand immersed, full time, permanent sales representatives sell, drive range and pull through distribution, take orders and process them using your usual distribution channel or our integrated electronic Turn-in Order system. These Reps can be brand dedicated or shared with other clients.
  2. Our full time State Management structure sells into head offices of retail groups too such as the multi-site operators such as Ritchies and Romeos ensuring your brand gets maximum distribution, push and focus by the retailer HO teams.
  3. We have an expert call centre which can carry out outbound sales and hypercare calls, as well as take inbound queries on behalf of our client partners.
  4. Finally, it’s too often understated, but our Brand Activators in chains still sell! Gaining agreement for incremental, over and above displays agreed at store level, amplifies visibility, share, sales and ultimately, ROI.

In all the above cases, we’re an extension of your sales team.


Our people and services are powered by the most informed insight, we know how to precisely target your sales effort